Government Colleges: 50% of Posts are Vacant for Sanskrit Teacher, Recruitment Soon

Recent data states that In Rajasthan 50% of Posts in Sanskrit Government Colleges are vacant. The hiring for the same is conducted through UGC NET. However, State Government Confirmed that recruitment will be conducted soon.

There are 31 government Sanskrit colleges in the state of Rajasthan. Since 2005, no recruitment or promotion has taken place in the Sanskrit higher education department. Numerous posts in those colleges are vacant. A question was raised in the Rajasthan assembly by Amber MLA Satish Poonia, session on vacant posts in Sanskrit higher education.

MLA Satish Poonia said, “Congress government says that they are working for promotion of Sanskrit and Ayurveda. But we can see the ground reality that the government doesn’t seem to care about recruitment or making improvements in Sanskrit education.”

As per the records, only 07 out of the 31 colleges have principals only, because nobody has been promoted since. Out of 199 sanctioned lecturers post, only 77 are working; the remaining posts were vacant for a long time. The State Government said that those vacant places will be filled shortly; in the meantime, the government will appoint 17 contract teachers to various colleges under the Vidya Sambal Yojana.

“Until 2005, Sanskrit government school teachers used to join college education through promotions,” a Sanskrit college faculty said. When the practice stopped in 2005, there was a need to follow UGC rules in college education, which the government has postponed. Students who have graduated from colleges have been unable to find work due to a lack of recruitment over the years. It’s something that we’ve written many letters to the government about.”

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